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Air Astra Dhaka Office Address, Contact Number, Ticket Booking

Bangladesh’s list of airlines now includes Air Astra, which is a new company. First, they’ll run flights with the goal of making them the main way to travel within Bangladesh. So, if you want to take a domestic flight with Air Astra Airlines, the information below will be helpful.

Because the Air Astra ticket office needs a lot of different services. So, today we will talk about where Air Astra Dhaka office is, how to call them, and how to book tickets. Things that travelers should know about these airlines before they go with them. 

Because of this, you will know more about how to book tickets with Air Astra from Bangladesh. So, let’s start this party.

Contacts for Buying Air Astra Air Tickets

  • +8801516338033
  • +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)
  • +8801575501601 

Please remember that we only sell tickets for Air Astra. This website has nothing to do with Air Astra Airways.

Air Astra Dhaka Office

The phone number and address of the Air Astra office in Dhaka

Air Astra, a new airline in Bangladesh, moved to Dhaka so it can serve customers 24/7.

Passengers of Air Astra can sign up for services that make travel easy. But most people don’t know the right address and phone number for the Air Astra office.

Because of this, they can’t get the air services and information they need. So, to give you accurate information, the details of where Air Astra is at the moment given below.

Address of the Air Astra office in Dhaka

Siaam Tower, Level-6, 

Plot # 15, Dhaka-Mymensingh Road, 

Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Dhaka Office Phone Number


Email Address for AirAstra Dhaka office


The official website for Air Astra
Air Astra Dhaka Office

About Air Astra Airlines

Bangladesh now has a private airline, Air Astra Limited. Passenger service on Bangladesh’s air routes has confirmed after a long wait.

Tara’s first flight will be on an ATR72-600. They got into the International Air Transport Association. So, they given the IATA code 2A.

Air Astra Airlines has said that it will start flying out of Must in 2022. Tara said at first that it would take people to and from airports and routes in the interior of Bangladesh. 

But international flights will become more important over time. “Catch the Star” is the slogan for Air Astra.

Tara has already taken many steps to give passengers another way to go. Bangladesh’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport has chosen as the main hub for air weapons. 

All their airlines, so, will based at the airports in Chittagong and Sylhet. Air Astra, but, can take people from Dhaka International Airport to any airport in the country.

Which routes will be served by Air Astra Airlines?

Air Astra will go to Bangladesh, officials say. This is great news for people who live in Bangladesh and travel around the country. Here is a list of the routes that Air Astra will go in Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar
  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Dhaka to Sylhet
  • Dhaka to Rajshahi
  • Dhaka to Barisal
  • Dhaka to Saidpur

Air Astra will have regular flights on these routes. If you want to go on any of these, you must first get a ticket from the Air Astra Dhaka office by calling the number above.

How do I book a flight with Air Astra?

From Bangladesh, there are three ways to book an Air Arms Airlines flight. More information about these ways given below.

  1. Go to ( if you want to book your own plane ticket on a site that specializes in that. By going to this website on your phone or computer, you can book tickets online. You don’t have to spend time trying to book hard flights for this.
  2. Call one of the following Bangladeshi travel agencies to book Air Astra tickets. We have been helping people travel in Bangladesh for a long time and have been good at it. So, if you want to know anything about Air Astra Airlines or book a flight, please contact us.
  3. Contacts for Buying Air Astra Air Tickets
  • +8801516338030
  • +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)
  • +8801575501601 

Please remember that we only sell tickets for Air Astra. This website has nothing to do with Air Astra Airways.

If you want to book tickets from the Air Astra Airlines office in Dhaka, use the above address. You can get all information about Air Astra flights from their office.

You must know the office address, phone number, and how to book tickets for Air Astra Dhaka. If you need more information, though, please contact us. Whenever you need a travel service, you should always come to us.

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