China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

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There is no denying that the people of this nation enjoy travelling a lot. A lot of vacationers and travellers. In Bangladesh, the demand for air travel has never been higher. There are many renowned airlines that operate in this nation. One such business is china Eastern Airlines. It has locations all over Bangladesh.

Contact for Buying China Eastern Airlines Tickets

  • +8801516338033
  • +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)
  • +8801575501601

Office address

Plot 126 (rose place), Road 108,

Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi,

Dhaka 1209

Contact Number



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China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

Allowance for Baggage on China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines Dhaka office is the largest low cost airline in the world. It has an office in Bangladesh. And China’s second-largest airline. The airline provides more than 350 flights to destinations across China. It includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

We provide China Eastern Airlines’ free baggage policy so that you may pack your bags and avoid airport hassles caused by overweight luggage.

For every checked bag, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office provides a 5kg free baggage allowance. Please visit our Baggage Allowance page for further details.

How can I check the status of my China Eastern Airlines ticket?

You will find the flight schedule on the online website for your city. Then select your preferred airport, time, and date from the airline’s list.

Select your selected class of service in the following step. You have the option of BusinessBusiness. Depending on the kind of flight you want to take, you can choose between Economy and Premium Economy.

Select your level of service at the bottom right of the page. Then select the “Check Availability” button. This will open a new page where you must enter all necessary data, including the booking code. As well as contact information such as name, email, etc.

The following step is to enter your passport number and national name. to see if there are any limitations on using this passport number to enter China. And the name of the country.

You must give accurate self-identification information. To make sure you have no issues with the check-in procedure. Or, During check-in and boarding if your passport number changes. The airline’s website shows a different combination of countries.

The following are the nations you can travel to from China Eastern Airlines’ office in Dhaka:

China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to KunmingKunming to Dhaka China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to HefeiChina Eastern Airlines Hefei to Dhaka
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to NanjingChina Eastern Airlines Nanjing to Dhaka
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to ShijiazhuangChina Eastern Airlines Shijiazhuang to Dhaka
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to TaiyuanChina Eastern Airlines Taiyuan to Dhaka
China Eastern Airlines Wuhan to DhakaChina Eastern Airlines Dhaka to Chengdu
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka to BeijingChina Eastern Chengdu to Dhaka. 
China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

The following travel levels are for the China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office:

  • First-class
  • Super-premium suite
  • Business class
  • Premium economy and economy


It has a flat-bed seat and an island with easy access to the aisle. A personal entertainment system is additionally included with the seat. Additionally, The seat has the ability to recline and transform into a bed.

Super-premium suite:

There is a sliding door and adjustable seating.

The brand-new leather seat includes a sliding door. A coffee table with hidden storage and a gadget entertainment system.

Business class:

The seats in business class have recliners or angled flatbeds with first-rate service. Additionally, there is a complete entertainment system and a soft seat back. That could rise to make more room.

Airbus A330 aeroplane has 2-3-2 business class seating arrangements. An on-demand entertainment system with 15 live TV stations is available to passengers. Free WiFi and music streaming services.

Premium economy and economy:

Suppose you are an air traveller in the cabin. While taking in the seatback entertainment, you can choose your lunch in advance. Can get them after you’re on board.

The airline’s menu offers a variety of meals and drinks that passengers can choose from as well

Sandwiches, both warm and cold, and fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and chocolate are all included.

Chinese Eastern Airlines Menu

China Eastern Airlines‘ Dhaka office serves delicious, chef-prepared meals. There are several options on the menu, including beef, chicken, and seafood. The preparation of the dishes includes the use of noodles, rice, and veggies.

Additionally, the airline offers soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Coke Zero, Sprite, and Fanta Orange are a few examples of beverages.

On China Eastern Airlines, how can you check the status of your flight?

For its customers, China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office (CEA) pledges to deliver on-time service. The airline notifies its customers of changes to flight times to achieve this.

China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office

Know about the China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office.

Shanghai is the headquarters of China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office Bangladesh branch.

Asia Pacific Airlines Bangladesh has further enterprises. Such as aviation finance and real estate. Charter flights are among China Eastern Airlines’ primary commercial initiatives. Towards Southeast and South Asia. Additionally, the airline provides international flight services to European and African nations,

Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

China Eastern Airlines’ Dhaka Headquarters

China Eastern Airlines’ corporate headquarter is in Dhaka. A significant Chinese airline. In Shanghai, China, 2700 West Chang’an Avenue has a floor area of 1.5 million square meters.

The airline’s overseas flights serve over 150 countries through its network of more than 50 domestic airports and locations around 100 cities nationwide in the world.

The year 1988 saw the beginning of China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office. And in 1992, they began running flights out of Beijing Capital Airport. In 1993, it became the first Chinese airline to operate flights to Europe. With a more than hour-long trip from Beijing to London’s Heathrow Airport. [5]

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange launched it in July 1995. one of the first Chinese enterprises to list on a foreign exchange market. [6]

The China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office’s milestones

In 2013, CEAH was also recognized as “the most creative brand in air travel.”

China Eastern Airlines Dhaka Office is one of the top five most innovative airlines worldwide. So it received a SITA award in 2014. In total, CEAH received five honors in 2015. Here includes “the most creative company in Asia” and “the finest aviation firm for innovation.” MICE Magazine named CEAH one of the 25 Best Airline Brands in 2016.