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 JetBlue Airways Dhaka office, Contact Number, Address, Ticket Booking

 JetBlue Airways Dhaka office in Bangladesh is at Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108, Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209. The sales staff at the Airways office in Dhaka are among the most reliable in the city.

“JetBlue” is the name of a low-cost airline in the United States. It has the sixth-highest capacity for the number of passengers it can carry.

Long Island City, in the borough of Queens, is home to the primary location of JetBlue Airways.

The main administrative offices of JetBlue Airlines are:

  • Cottonwood Heights
  • Utah
  • Orlando
  • Florida 

JetBlue Airways’ office in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka

There are many travel agencies in Bangladesh that sell JetBlue Airways tickets. The most dependable authorized sales agent is Airways Office. If you want a lower cost with the same level of service, get in touch.

Contact For Air Ticket:


+8801315403803 (WhatsApp)


Please keep in mind that we only sell Himalaya Airlines tickets. Himalaya Airlines has nothing to do with this website.

Jetblue Airways Dhaka Office

The address of JetBlue Airways Dhaka office

Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE), Road 108,

Shikhder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.

Bangladesh Maas Travel & Tours Ltd.

Official Website Address of JetBlue

JetBlue offers flexible travel options.

Most of our tickets don’t charge extra to modify or cancel, with the exception of Blue Basic. $100 in the USA, Canada, or the Caribbean for changes or cancellations; $200 overseas. The travel date modifies the price difference and the ticket policies.

JetBlue’s Customer Service Strategy

JetBlue has been working to motivate employees. It makes travel enjoyable even when things go wrong since 2000. We guarantee in the Customer Service Plan that we will not only offer you room to move but also have your back.

JetBlue’s Change and Cancellation Policy

Regardless of whether your vacation plans change, you must return all EMDs and AE. If the customer wants the revised itinerary extra, they need a new EMD.

All pre-paid EMDs are not refundable if the itinerary remains the same. The travel agent will also receive a debit memo for any refunded EMDs.

Administration for General Services

In some areas, JetBlue offers discounted tickets to federal personnel. These exceptional rates are subject to the ensuing restrictions:

  • The customer can get their money back even if they don’t show up for their flight.
  • There are no costs associated with modifying, cancelling, or receiving a refund.
  • The last seat is theirs.
  • The standard tariff codes are CA, DG, and MZ.
  • As indicated in ticket limits, they can hold without paying.
Jetblue Airways Dhaka Office

JetBlue’s assigned seating chart

The JetBlue paid seat map has undergone some changes as of May 15, 2022. EMDs won’t need to confirm free ($0) seat assignments in any GDS anymore. Due to this modification, you will be unable to assign Even More Space (EMS) legroom seats through the GDS.

Blue Basic customers will still be able to buy seats in the Economy cabin without extra legroom. There will be a method for Travel Agents to regain access to Economy EMS seats and Mint Studio later this year.

  • For free tickets, which were formerly priced at $0 and denoted with a “P” for Paid, we no longer need EMDs.
  • Customers of Blue, Blue Extra, and Blue Plus receive free seats in the Economy cabin core. There is no longer a $0 cost associated with the seat; hence an EMD is no longer required.
  • Customers of Blue Basic will be able to buy paid Economy cabin core seats for a price.
  • Economy cabin core seats without EMS legroom will no longer display paid “P” seat map information.

Right now, you can’t use the GDS for EMS legroom seats.

EMS legroom seats are “taken”, and seat requests are “unconfirmed.” Customers can upgrade to EMS legroom seating by visiting

  • EMS legroom seats need cancellations through the GDS. At, your customer can change their EMS legroom seat.
  • Customers of Mint will be able to use complimentary seats. GDS will list Mint Studio seats as taken but requests as “unconfirmed.”
  • Free “recommended” seats are available; they resemble Q seats.
  • Later this year, Mint Studio seats and Economy EMS legroom will be available to travel agents.
Jetblue Airways Dhaka Office

JetBlue’s Ticketing Policies

Third-party websites and travel agencies cannot change bulk-fare tickets. A bulk fare ticket is never refundable or changeable. To sell JetBlue bulk tickets, organizations must take care of them.

JetBlue Airways Fleet List

  • A321 Long Range
  • A321 Classic
  • Embraer E190
  • A321neo
  • A220
  • A320 Restyled

The JetBlue Airways Dhaka Office FAQs

Is there a 24-hour hold on JetBlue?

Suppose a consumer makes payment one week before departure. JetBlue Airways will hold the reservation at the indicated price for 24 hours.

Is JetBlue’s customer service good?

The low-cost airline with the most satisfied customers in North America is JetBlue.

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